Valuation is a complex and controversial subject that requires an in depth understanding of the company being valued, the market in which it operates and its competitive strengths and weaknesses. It requires analysis of financial and non-financial information and assess other factors such as the legal and regulatory environment.

Valuation requires the right combination of commercial insight, technical expertise, experience and professional judgement. Our valuation team works closely with clients to develop bespoke solutions to complex valuation issues. We focus on understanding business dynamics and the key value drivers of the sector in which it operates.

Our team has extensive experience in valuing companies across a range of industries. We have extensive sector knowledge derived from both consultancy and executive management experience to determine the appropriate valuation methodology to provide well-informed, insightful, robust and transparent valuation opinions.

We use a variety of methodologies and techniques and data-base in performing a valuation and apply our judgement and experience to give our clients the quality of valuation advice they demand. As each valuation is unique, valuation work requires a high level of adaptability, flexibility and innovation, which we pride ourselves on being able to offer.


We provide with an Independent and objective advice to help determine what the right price is to pay or accept for a business and advice to help companies analyse investment or divestment opportunities including guidance on joint ventures and alliances.

In the last years, VIR CORPORATE FINANCE has participated in more than half a hundred valuations of companies including high-value transactions (more than 10 cases of companies with an enterprise value exceeding €100 million) as well as banks, financial institutions and listed companies.


Fairness Opinion has established itself as one of the protection mechanisms for executives, a kind of “protective shield” consisting of an independent and expert opinion on the financial adequacy of the price of a transaction.

This expert opinion involves a thorough analysis of the transaction and current market conditions, discounted cash flow valuations, prior market multiples / transactions, synergies and other additional factors, carried out by an independent expert.

In addition to providing an independent and qualified opinion on the appropriateness of a proposed transaction, fairness opinion provides transparency and additional insight, and helps decision makers.

VIR CORPORATE FINANCE is ideally suited to provide an objective, independent fairness opinion or valuation reports on highly complex transactions through our extensive experience in providing fairness opinions to boards of directors or special committees, stockholders, financial providers, privately-held businesses, boards of directors and other.


We assist on regulatory and accounting matters, with advice on valuations required by Accounting Standards, including purchase price allocation.

IFRS requires that all companies carrying out a business combination shall allocate the price paid between those involved assets and liabilities of the acquired company, so that the difference between the paid price and the fair value of those assets and liabilities will be goodwill.

Our task as independent experts is to deliver a PPA Report were we issue an opinion on the identification and valuation of the acquired assets and liabilities, providing reliability and credibility to the combination process.

If you have recently completed an acquisition, or are contemplating one, and would like independent, professional, and knowledgeable valuation advice, please contact us.