Business Consulting

Our Transaction Business Consulting is a specialist business unit focused on providing practical operational insight and advice to help our clients achieve their deal goals. The Business Consulting area focuses on improving the company’s results, taking advantage of new business opportunities, developing the organisation, optimising business processes and facilitating management tools. We provide a strategic and practical vision to satisfy the needs of companies and organisations through our experience and knowledge in various sectors and technological areas.

Our main Consultancy services are grouped in the following areas:

Management and Strategy

We work in conjunction with and for the Management, collaborating in the assessment of strategies and their implementation in the organisation.

We can provide services in relation of the preparation for sale, enhancing business value through operational improvements 12-18 months before a disposal and presenting the business ready for sale

Organisation and Processes

We design and implement improvements in all areas of the organisation.

Consulting for IT Systems

The consulting provided by our IT experts covers the whole often complex life cycle of IT systems: from the choice of system via the system architecture and IT applications to consulting regarding the design and implementation of IT-supported business processes and optimise the use of IT to improve the organisation’s management and processes.

We advise you on the following issues in particular:

- Selection and introduction of IT systems including ERP systems
- Consulting on IT security and data security
- Implementation of ERP systems
- Project-supporting consulting in the case of migration

Business Intelligence

We help you with the implementation of Business Intelligence tools that enable a business to gather and analyse its data to provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.

BI can allow specific functional areas, such as finance, supply chain, human resources, sales and marketing, and customer service, to uniformly interact with each other to help the business answer questions, gain insight, and facilitate intelligence-led decision-making.

BI tools are useable transforming data into knowledge to optimize the management and decision-making in the organization, anticipate deviations and to take the right decision at any time.


The increasing competitively and changing market environment forces organizations to adapt quickly to changes, at the same time they have to reduce costs and ensure the quality of their products and services. To be competitive in this environment, traditional management methods have to be reviewed.

Lean is the way of managing the organization and its processes that makes possible to meet with all the competitiveness requirements as defined nowadays and to optimise operating processes (production, logistics, distribution, etc.) to reduce cost.

How we can support you

- Provide theoretical and practical knowledge of the Lean Philosophy and Techniques.
- Transfer experience and solutions for the Detection and application of improvements.
- Ensure the effectiveness of the actions and the achievement of the results within the established deadlines.
- Ensure good monitoring of the methodology of the implementation of the Lean and its tools.
- Train the work teams in the philosophy and main Lean techniques.