Our Philosophy

Our firm’s overall approach is guided by the following underlying principles:


Our passion for achieving the best outcome for our clients has resulted in a proven track record. Our commitment to objectively understand our clients’ requirements and delivering the optimal result remains one of the distinguishing cornerstones of our business.

We believe in long-term relationships and so our clients often engage us for repeat assignments; we have been providing strategic advisory services of our clients for near 30 years.


Our senior advisers are involved in transactions from initiation to completion, ensuring that our clients benefit from their experience and expertise at all stages of the process.

We devote senior-level attention taking the time to understand their objectives and needs. Our objective is to identify critical strategic issues, provide a thorough assessment of alternatives, and craft and deliver optimal solutions that result in long-term value creation for our clients and their stakeholders.


Our success and our reputation is based on common basic values which stand above all for trust, discretion, personal contact and fairness. We understand to use highly confidential information and use the trust of our clients with care and utmost discretion so we contribute in confidentiality and sensitivity in dealing with clients’ affairs.


We provide objective advice and are free from the conflicts that can arise from a larger Networks.


We strive to provide our clients with innovative ideas and solutions. We are proactive in idea generation and delivering tailor-made solutions. The firm combines boutique creativity with top delivery reach and resources normally associated with larger firms.


VIR CORPORATE FINANCE provides its clients with the full range of services throughout the transaction process (design, structuring, valuation, documentation, negotiation, supervision, and closing). Therefore, the client can remain focused on their business whilst the process is optimized both in terms of time and quality.