Transaction Services

At VIR CORPORATE FINANCE we assist you with the management of acquisition processes supporting both buyers and sellers.

Our Transaction Services team can provide the following services to your business.


Understanding the risks and deal breakers before you pursue an investment or acquisition will help to reduce your costs and disruptions. Our experts have the experience to help you make a proper assessment before you invest performing a Pre-Deal Evaluation of the financial and business position of a potential target.

Our services include:

- Identifying the risks in the business and its industry.
- Evaluating strengths and weaknesses.
- Assessing the value of your potential investment.
- Developing an optimal deal structure to fund the transaction.
- Assist in developing a growth strategy.
- Assisting in the initial financial model/projection and ongoing advice.
- Identify any tax and legal issues.


A good model creates a picture of the future in a credible and transparent way, with flexible assumptions that can be understood and easily changed to gain insight into the opportunities and risks facing your business.

Our experienced team perform financial models covering all circumstances and across a wide range of sectors. Our approach is to start with a clear understanding of the situation and design a model using proven methodologies and techniques. The advantages of our models include creating outputs and usability that are designed specifically for the user, as well as providing the flexibility of assumptions to perform sensitivity analysis.

Our approach is pragmatic, combining specialist modelling skills. You’ll get financial models that are flexible, robust, transparent, and credible.


In any transaction, the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) represents the outcome of key commercial and pricing negotiations.

Our SPA team provides expert support at all stages of a transaction from pre-deal work through to post-completion support. The team assists in the identification and articulation of value issues related to pricing and deal completion mechanics, to assist clients in their SPA negotiations and in protecting or generating value through the execution of any SPA completion mechanism.

How we can assist and support you:

- Considering the adjustments to be made between Enterprise Value and Equity Value and in formulating the arguments and counter-arguments required to justify your proposed approach.
- Determination of the appropriate financial adjustments to price and related arguments, for the purposes of price negotiation.
- Analysis of normalised working capital, net debt and EBITDA, for the purposes of your negotiation of the SPA.
- Analysis of the impact of the risks identified during the due diligence phase.
- Negotiations of the accounting aspects of the SPA.


Tax is an important consideration. Companies and their stakeholders need to know the tax treatment and that the tax cost of a transaction. There are many taxes to consider and the way these taxes interact can create opportunities and risks. We can work with you to grasp those opportunities and minimise the risks.

You will also benefit from our guidance throughout your transaction as we work alongside our advisory colleagues on tax deparment. We can devise deal structures tailored to your needs.


We have an expert team in carrying out Due Diligence, having completed more than 100 Due Diligences in the last 5 years.

A due diligence carried out by VIR AUDIT will allow you to:

- Improve and / or complement the understanding and understanding of the target Company
- Understand the drivers of business growth and profitability
- Provide information on the basic kpi’s of the company
- Determine recurring and normalized sales and EBITDA
- Present an analysis of “working capital” and “cash-flow”
- Determine the net financial debt at “closing date”
- Critically review financial projections
- Analysis of the accounting criteria applied, policies for impairment of accounts receivable and inventories, amortizations
- Identify and quantify risks and commercial, financial, fiscal, legal, labour contingencies
- Provide information to support negotiations with the counterpart
- Provide useful information to be considered in the sales contract (SPA)
- Identify the "dealbreakers"
- Synergies that can be created in the transaction and value creation