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We provide transaction management support for sellers and buyers.


Increase the chances of success

Understanding the risk factors and deal-breakers before proceeding with a transaction will help improve the chances of success and reduce costs.

Our team of experts has the necessary experience to help you make a thorough assessment before going ahead with the deal.

Our services include:


Flexible, robust and credible financial models

Our team of experts specialises in creating financial models suitable for diverse sectors and circumstances.

Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of the situation and involves designing tailor-made models using proven methodologies and techniques. These models offer functionality and adaptability to incorporate inputs for sensitivity analysis. Our goal is to deliver financial models that are flexible, robust, transparent and credible.


Expert support for every stage of a transaction

In any transaction, the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) is the outcome of the main commercial and price negotiations.

Our SPA team offers expert support throughout the transaction process, from pre-agreement work to post-closing support. We assist in identifying and presenting issues related to pricing and agreement completion to aid clients in their SPA negotiations and in safeguarding or creating value by implementing SPA completion mechanisms.

Our services include:


Tailor-made service for your business

Our experts can provide tax advice throughout the transaction and design optimal structures for your specific situation.

All parties involved in a transaction must be aware of potential alternatives and associated tax implications. With various taxes to consider, understanding how they interact can reveal both opportunities and risks. We can collaborate with you to fully grasp these opportunities and mitigate any risks.

Our services include:

Over 200 due diligences in the last 5 years

Our expert due diligence team has carried out over 200 due diligences in the last 5 years.

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